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DDoddleReport - Export type by parameter

01/21/20151 Min Read — In General

DoddleReport is a fantastic library built by Matt Hidinger which is a very simple, install-and-go package to turn your datasets into exportable files like CSV, PDF or Excel. It hasn't been updated…

MMVC 3 RequiredIf validator for multiple values

07/14/20111 Min Read — In General

Recently I was required to create a form that included the dependencies of "If zzz field equals xx, then yyy field is required" hierarchical type structure to my viewmodel, and came across this…

SSimplify CSS3 with LESS CSS Mixins

11/15/20101 Min Read — In General

Dotless CSS is one of the greatest libraries for development ever, and has very quickly become a must-include base library for all my new projects. It organises my CSS into a structure I…